Monday, March 28, 2011

Closing the Blog

It's been great!  In 1997, when we first took a group of students to London Study Abroad, everybody brought their own 35 mm cameras and film.  By 2001, I had a digital camera, and maybe two other students also had digital pix.  I took three days at the end of each term to burn a CD of highlights for each student.  By 2003, more people had digital cameras.  By 2005, nearly everyone did, although I think I still burned CDs for everybody  if they wanted one (and the time it took to burn them was a lot shorter).  The students started their first webgroup that year--"Pahty in the UK."  By 2007, we had someone doing our own blog for the trip, with contributions from many of the students.  They also still communicate with us and each other.  I started this blog for 2009, but by then so many others had their own blogs, photo-sharing sites, chat groups, list-servs, etc., that a separate blog became redundant.

So, I decided to go back to my personal blog only for the 2011 trip.  If you want to see pix from the upcoming trip, they will be here.

I hope this site can remain a fun place to look back and reminisce.

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Matt said...

Oh yeah. I'll never let this blog go.